About Zoe Realty WGBH

Welcome to Zoe Realty Trust a three-year winner of Better Business bureau excellence award.

WGBH chose Zoe Realty trust to be your one stop destination for all your real estate needs.

BUY: Buying right requires the help of a knowledgeable, experienced and honest broker. We will partner you with the best broker in your desired area for the lowest fees guaranteed.

SELL: To get the money you deserve from selling your home you must use the best broker. We will partner you with the most knowledgeable and experienced broker in your area and guarantee you a reduced fee.

For rent: We have the most extensive list of rentals.  You normally pay one-month fee working with a licensed broker.  With us you will pay less  fees then any brokerage firm guaranteed.

Rent out: We will guide you to the best venues to list your home  or condo for rent for free guaranteed.

Our commitment to you is simple:

The best service for the lowest possible fee.

We work for you and not from any particular real estate brokerage firm.   We guarantee you the best broker in your desire area for the lowest fee possible.  The best part is that you pay us nothing.